Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Rally Connection
Lyrattin, Millstreet, Co. Waterford
Reviewed by Ryan S.
FLOOR IT! Brake, release, turn, FLOOR IT!(rinse, lather, repeat)I'm sure you've seen Rally events on TV; you know, those crazy guys driving really fast down narrow roads and sliding through turns kilometer after kilometer?Well, if you ever thought that you would like to try your hand at driving in one of those cars, Rally Connection is the place to go. The had 2 cars out today: Subaru, and a Ford MkII. Both are rear-wheel drive and ready to go with all the trimmings. I was in the Subaru, a favorite of mine, and it was awesome to be able to slide through turns and really learn how to drive fast, and in control.The instructors are very good as well. My instructor, can't remember his name, was very patient with me and had lots of great tips during each turn. They guide you through the whole course and you have the same instructor the whole morning. While I had driven in rally events (mostly very amature) it was good to have someone show me the lines, tell me when to brake, and most importantly; WHEN TO SPEED UP!Will I go back: you bet your ass I will! There's nothing like feeling the rear end start to slide while you maintain control the whole way through.This place is great, and I suggest that everyone should check it out.
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RallyConnection Rally Driving School, County Waterford, Ireland.
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